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Sres and his shiny Mythical

EQ2 neXus newsGrats to Sres who is the latest neXian to get his Mythical weapon. :)

Guild level 73

EQ2 neXus newsSeven to go !

Ding 72!!

EQ2 neXus newsGrats on another level all!!!

DDO Gains a New Tag

NeXus NewsA neXus Guild Branch has now been formed in the f2p MMO - Dungeons & Dragons Online Eberron Unlimited - on the Cannith Server.

A touch of something different... Gods help them ;)

more neXian Mythicals

EQ2 neXus newsMore neXians gained their Mythical weapons tonight whilst on the raid alliances VP raid.

Geam, Orang and Myself are added to the neXian Mythical list!

Grats all and thanks to all in the alliance.

NeXian myth number 2, Gratz Nikky (Mori)!!!

EQ2 neXus newsGratz Mori!!

2 neXians now with their mythicals!

Guild Leader earns first Mythical

EQ2 neXus newsCongratulations to Vanwizz on earning the first Mythical weapon in neXus. After a number of attempts at Druushk we finally downed the dragon and Vanwizz left Veeshan's Peak happy.

Grats again!

EQ2 guild level 71

EQ2 neXus newsAs the boss mob in OoA fell to his death (again) , the guild dinged 71. Grats all :)

A big ding!!! neXus hits level 70!!

EQ2 neXus newsA big grats to all!!

After a massive trade writ gathering and MJ running round doing writs in Jarsath we've hit the next 0 level. :)

80 here we come. ;)

Kerding Guild Level 69

EQ2 neXus newsOne step closer to level 70

EQ2 neXus ding 68!

EQ2 neXus newsGrats all, 2 levels to go until 70 and new shiny things!
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