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NeXus Hit the Big Two Oh!

Thanks to a great deal of help and patience from Solas, both Jarth and Bealdwine managed to complete the "Strange Black Rock" HQ. But credit goes to Jarth for his earlier completion of "Axe from the Past", as it was his SBR ding that pushed the guild in to level 20 !! :D (Just don't mention Everling to any of us for a while :p)

Live Update 18 Dec 20th 2005

*** Headlines *** - 'Tis the season for Frostfell time! - Find quest givers easier with new quest indicators! - Want to know the reward for completing a quest? No problem! - New horses have been trained for Level 40 guilds--Mistrunners and Nightmares! - Subclass armor has a new look and class-tailored stats! - Get ready to explore the new Fallen Gate! - Summoned pets get more distinct looks! - New enemy mastery choices at level 52! - New EQII Expansions Reward: Receive bonus veteran reward time for owning Desert of Flames!

Nexus Ding 19!

Gratz to all. :) We hit guild level 19 last night, thanks to Jarth for doing the writs to get us on the brink. It seems either Dol looting a fabled item, or jarth's writ tipped us over. :)

Nexus ding 18!

Gratz to all on reaching lvl 18. :) Nihtgast the evil half brother of Bealdwine tipped us over the edge. Gratz Nihtgast. :) Now Van wants you all to get working on getting to 20. I think he wants more bank room to store his spare pairs of pink pants. ;)

Live Update #17. November 30th, 2005

This is not the full text for this update, but some of the more important changes. Read the full details at: HEADLINES - Purpose tags explain NPC roles at a glance! - Adventure writs added for high-level players! - All characters now run faster! - The Ruins of Varsoon now offers improved challenge and loot! - Lots of armor pieces have updated appearances! - Change the size of your hotkey icons to save (or take up more) screen real estate! - UI modders can more easily track changes to the user interface!

Gratz to all! Nexus ding level 17. :)

Gratz to all! We dinged guild level 17 tonight, with a good group session. :) Vilesh, Taeluani, Selrina, Tarmil and Gotchi all completed the Heritage quest "Strange Black Rock". This wasn't enough to tip us over, so we then completed the Greater Lightstone HQ for Tarmil. This still wasn't enough so we handed in our status loot, hehe. We are now 1.5 % into lvl 17. :)

Live Update #16. November 9th, 2005

Headlines - EverQuest II celebrates its first birthday by introducing Veteran Rewards! - Griffon tamers are seeking your assistance in the Thundering Steppes and Nektulos Forest! - Give the residents of Norrath a fresh look with the new SOGA character models! - Two new iksar scale patterns now available for each gender! - Crusaders, Mages, and Priests can now equip symbols in their ranged slot! - Carry extra ammo in quivers you can equip! - Using clickable items is now even easier, and food and drink get their own inventory slots! - Population and item improvements made in some of Norrath's deadly dungeons! - Can't reach your spirit shard? Now you can have your spirit restored... for a price! - Guild quest raids now scale according to player level and reward additional status! - The user interface gets a spiffy new look! Link to the full SOE article

New and old news. :)

Old news will be moved to an "old news" forum once i make the final conversion. I've included a couple of the more important ones here. From now on news will show on the front page, anyone can submit news via the link on the left.

Nexus Ding 16!

Gratz to all on Nexus reaching level 16!! Solas tipped it over the edge with his Strange black rock HQ. We are now well on the way to 17. :) Previous levels can be seen in the old news forum.

Nexus forms!

At approx 10:20pm of Soulday, Stargazing 17 of the year 3727, Earth time 7:00pm (27/04/05). Nexus was formed in Qeynos Harbour! Line up :) And the Celebrations! Nathan Ironforge somehow managed to get in the shot. A typical Ironforge, has to be in the news. We think Bealdwine was stuck in the toilet, but was there in spirit.
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