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Rift neXus - Guild Level 4

RiftneXus Rift guild branch moved to level 4 on Saturday 16th. Congratulations to all and especially those who contributed to rift monster kills and closing :)

Rift neXus - Guild Level 3

RiftAs Jarth predicted, the rift kill/close Guild Quest completed last night and pushed us into level 3 :D

Grats to all who contributed kills and rift closing, and thank you to Mocha who helped complete this one :)

The next dungeon quest has been accepted, and a poll will be run for the new Perk points. Well done!

Rift neXus hits level 2!

RiftWe have our first level up as a Rift guild. :)

Grats all, we pushed it over this group night after the Fae quest was finished and we did a bunch of rift closing. One Rift closing quest over and the next one accepted, 6/100 in when I logged tonight.

Grats all. :)

B will run some more polls to decide on perks as we have a point in each side to spend now.

Rift branch forms

RiftOn Thursday 24th Feb 2011 the neXus "RIFT: Planes of Telara" guild branch was formed on the EU Argent EN-PvE RP shard.

Thanks goes to all present and especially Ickle and Aleks who help gather the cash for the guild charter

Until and unless Vannin chooses to play, Yetian will hold the rank of Leader in Rift - however Vannin is, as always, poopy head of all guild branches.

What few rules and regs neXus subscribes to apply to the new branch as with all others and can be found in this Forum site.

Grats to all and happy adventuring

Level 90

EQ2 neXus newsneXus is level 90. Oh yes. Having once only aspired to wanting level 5 so others could see the guild tags displayed proudly over our heads, we have ended up at max level.

Nice work all.

Ding 89!

EQ2 neXus newsAs nobody posted this, I'm doing it now. :) We dinged the other day when Hids stumbled across a strong bottle of something on his Xmas travels and then went mad on writs. ;)

One more to go!!!

Level 88

EQ2 neXus newsNobody mentioned that we got to 88 already!

Level 87

EQ2 neXus newsSoon we will have won the game!

Guild level 86

EQ2 neXus newsWe dinged!

Guild Level 85

EQ2 neXus newsErrm, thanks SoE!

Level 82.

EQ2 neXus newsWhat can I say? Errm, we will make 90 before they raise the cap :)
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