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We are still here!

NeXus NewsWell according to my calculations (I looked at the last news post), we are over 13 years old. Yes it's an unlucky number for some, but I'm going on the basis we are OVER 13 so all is well.

I figured I should post something, just so it doesn't look like we are all dead and gone.
I'm still playing Wurm, looking at Elyria and hoping.

There are plenty of us still using the site and so we await the next neXus home like a small gang of aging hibernating gamer bears. :)

Stay with us people!


54 #1 Ffaffner
on August 10 2016 08:59:08
YAy!...and then Aaaaww, how depressing...for how many years now, have we been not-playing an MMO as a guild (with 3+ active nexians). It's like we all are into manufacturing BetaMax videotapes and suddenly VHS happened.

In the near future I'll be playing Albion Online (and dropping it again im 100% sure) and then Crowfall after that. Crowfall is very different though and although the game needs a lot of cooporation and building, it will not be a livng breathing world as we prefer. More along the lines of Planetside 2 in a thirdperson fantasy setting, with cooporative resource-management and crafting tagged on...NOT everyones cup of tea(perhaps not even my own).

Elyria looks to be the only thing in the horizon, now that EQN is dead...let's hope it will deliver so we can finally play together again...I'm friggin tired of gamehopping!
131 #2 Wodge
on August 10 2016 09:15:20
I backed Elyria, so hoping it's good, otherwise it's just Destiny on PS4 all day erry day.
4 #3 Bealdwine
on August 15 2016 19:13:12
That's not true Wodge! I keep seeing you (and a couple of others) on Battlenet Smile My son is gearing up for the latest WoW expansion and I was tempted to follow him as Rak still plays... but no, I know it wouldn't last for me.
I'm watching Elyria whilst trying not to get my hopes up again.

Hey, at least by the time we all get together everyone's kids will be playing too Shock
131 #4 Wodge
on August 19 2016 13:09:53
Ok... I play some Overwatch too, lol
1 #5 Yetian
on August 21 2016 19:54:41
I'll give Crowfall a look.
6 #6 Dolgurky
on November 09 2016 15:06:17
I play LotRO with my daughter still

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