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Welcome to the home of Nexus Formed on: Soulday, Stargazing 17 of the year 3727 at approx 10:20pm, Earth date 27/04/05, 7:00pm.


NeXus NewsJust realised the last news post was years ago. ;)

Well that makes us 15 years old now! Hopefully we'll all still be here when the next "home" game comes for us.

We are still here!

NeXus NewsWell according to my calculations (I looked at the last news post), we are over 13 years old. Yes it's an unlucky number for some, but I'm going on the basis we are OVER 13 so all is well.

I figured I should post something, just so it doesn't look like we are all dead and gone.
I'm still playing Wurm, looking at Elyria and hoping.

There are plenty of us still using the site and so we await the next neXus home like a small gang of aging hibernating gamer bears. :)

Stay with us people!

neXus Guild 11 Years Old!

NeXus NewsThe Strange Survival of an Ancient Guild... Unbelievably our Guild has survived ELEVEN long years!

Even with no main game to call our home this site has allowed us to keep in contact and maintain the friendships developed in EQ* and other mmo's.

I for one am proud to still be a neXian and look forward to many more years of contact, maybe even game play eventually ;)

I'm sure you will join me in thanking Yetian for building and keeping this web home for us, without which I expect we might have all drifted off into the Aether.
Cheers mateys and keep those pink pants handy for The Next Big Thing :D

neXus in GW2

NeXus NewsAlive and Well.

GW2 15th April update concentrates on in-game features.
Although barely active I am happy to remind folks that the Guild Wars 2 neXus branch is still alive.
The game is still being actively developed, looks good, and still plays solidly.
"ArenaNet is excited to announce our first release that focuses exclusively on in-game features: the April 2014 Feature Pack"

Oooh news!

NeXus NewsWe haven't had any news for a long long time, as we slack and lets be honest we just post stuff on the forum.

So for those that haven't, go register for EQN Landmark Beta. :)

Also make sure you are signed up at the EQN site for that beta too.

Now we need to remember to post newsworthy stuff here. ;)

Guild Group Night

LOTR neXus newsDon't forget to set up LotRO (it's FREE) so you can join our group night! Let's make it easy to be sure of good company at least one night a week whatever else we also do :)

Bring a character to mid-teens and we can group up for the North Barrow Downs, get to 20+ and it's time for the Great Barrow. Come one, come all!

Ding level 8!

RiftGrats all :)

Vote on the polls I'll be putting up shortly.

Ding level 7!

RiftAnother level for neXus in Rift.

neXus hit level 6

RiftNobody bothered to post the ding so I'm doing it.

Grats all. :)

neXus hit level 5

RiftDing! Nobody noticed it seems but here we are at level 5. :)

Belated Happy 6th Birthday to nexus

NeXus NewsJust noticed we passed our 6th birthday. :)

Congrats to all that have helped make neXus what we are today and long may it continue. :)
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